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Home Styles

Smaller homes, with 1 ½ stories. Master bedroom is usually upstairs, smaller bedrooms on main floor.
Usually found in older neighborhoods.

Large 2 story homes usually box shaped. May have large decorative pillars in the front of the home. Common in very old neighborhoods and modern versions are found in most subdivisions built after 1970.

Slanted Ceilings on 2nd floor, usually with 2 bedrooms upstairs, with the Mater Bedroom downstairs. Upper floor may have built in dressers/ shelves. Usually has a basement. Very common construction style.

A one story home that became a very popular construction style after the 1950’s. It varies in size, some could be smaller, with 3 small bedrooms and a basement, or it could have a large and open floor plan with bigger bedrooms as well.

A home built with 2 separate living units (2-family home) each unit will have their own entrance, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Sometime a single family home is converted into a duplex, and other times a duplex could be converted into a single family home.

Unique looking homes, mostly built after 1950. Contemporary homes are often a custom design, by an architect.

Typically a 2-3 story home with steeply pitched roofs and stucco/wood features on the exterior (usually found on the second story). Commonly built between the 1920’s-1950’s, many where designed with custom features like rounded top doors, built in cabinets, and other nicely done woodwork/trim.

A home built in a factory and shipped to its final location in sections and then assembled. They usually have thin walls between rooms and are wider than they are deep, sometimes looking like a “doublewide” trailer. Floor plans cannot be altered, and are very hard to mortgage.

A home built in a factory and shipped to its final location in sections and then assembled . They are more likely to be built on a permanent foundation/ basement than manufactured homes. They also typically have nicer finishes and features than manufactured homes.

These are typically described as any home over 100 years old that still have many of their original features in good working condition. They can include Farm Houses, Victorians, and other styles.

Mostly 2 story homes with custom built features or additions that were made by owners over many decades. Stone foundations are common (Michigan Basements). An older home, usually in rural areas, but it’s sometimes the oldest house in suburban neighborhood.

These older homes often have elaborately designed exterior trim/molding. They may have a large porch with decorative pillars. May have one bathroom, like many historical homes, and the bedrooms will mostly all be the same size. Just like the exterior, the interior often has elaborate woodwork in the trim and floors.

When you enter the foyer you have the option to go upstairs or downstairs (2 levels). The bottom level is partially below grade (but not completely underground like a basement) and it can have 2 or more additional bedrooms, with a family room and laundry/utility room.

The main/entrance level has a kitchen and living/- dining room, while the upper level has 2-3 bedrooms and the lower level (partially below the grade/underground) might have a bedroom, family room or office, along with the utility room.

Similar to a tri level, but with a basement as the lowest level that is completely below grade/underground. That is usually where the utility room will be located.